To generate physical partnership and virtual connection between language programs and centers around the world in order to converse about language teaching and to establish academic collaboration on specific topics such as research, methodology, evaluation, and community service through the use of webinars and conferences, among others.


To be a strong and innovative organization that trains, supports, and creates opportunities for language center administrators and teachers in order that they may continue to develop their skills as successful language educators.


1. To establish academic partnership for mutual collaboration with university language programs and language centers.

2. To strengthen teaching competences of teachers who participate in the network 

3. To establish academic exchange between UPNFM and other language centers. 

4. To participate in different regional projects to allow the teaching and research consolidation of the centers in the Network.

5. To encourage an association of languages and languages centers in the region.



Webinars provide an opportunity for educators all around the world to listen to specialists talk about different aspects of language centers and language programs


Conferences provide a great experience being able to learn from and teach others about work going on in your language center or program. Conferences also provide the opportunity to collaborate on different projects.


Using the new website, participants are able to share research on different apsects of lanuage centers, language programs, and language learning.

Current Members

Active members come from 13 different countries and from 24 different institutions. Go to the following link to see a closer picture of this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GftVE3VtRGPM8P6VmgXuL-X6GtpyUYDWg6mn8zmFmBQ/edit?usp=sharing


Conversations begin between UPNFM and other institutions around the world, converations begin to turn into collaboration.


Webinars continue, network gains support.


Idea of the network proposed by the UPNFM, official invitations sent out, and network formed. First webinar takes place in September, 2016.


Webinars continue, and the first conference takes place in November 2018 in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras.


Elena I. Arkhipova, PhD - Izhevsk, Russia (Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University)

Elena I. Arkhipova, PhD - Izhevsk, Russia (Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University)

Dr. Elena I. Arkhipova has her PhD in Education, is an Associate Professorand is the Head of the English Department at Kalashnikov ISTU (since 2008 until now). She has taught English as a foreign language at the University for more than 20 years. Неr expertise and research areas include advanced EFL teaching technologies at a non-linguistic University, team teaching, blended learning, ESP, CLIL; organizing and conducting scientific events on problematic issues in methodology of teaching foreign languages, students' conferences and diverse language contests; and developing EFL teaching materials and programs. She can be reached at arkaei@mail.ru.


Gloria Ulloa has her Master´s in TESOL and her PHD in Rhetoric and Composition from the University of Southern Illinois. She has been an instructor of EFL for more than 25 years and currently is the Director of the Languages Center at the UPNFM. Her research interests include language centers, writing centers, and the development of writing skills of ESL students
Jose Calderón, M.A. - Guatemala City, Guatemala (Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala)

Jose Calderón, M.A. - Guatemala City, Guatemala (Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala)

José is the head professor of the Agriculture Faculty of San Carlos de Guatemala University. His specialty is in institution development and implementation of superior education from Germany and he is also a former Fulbright scholar. He is president of the English Teacher’s Association of Guatemala. In the last ten years he has promoted English language teaching at national level through University Centers of San Carlos de Guatemala University. Additionally, he implemented the Bachelor’s Degree of Linguistics Science and majors in Translation and Interpreting at the University. He has also developed curriculum for students learning to be Mayan language translators and interpreters in Guatemala. He can be reached by email at calderon.2000@gmail.com.
Libor Stepanek -  Brno, Czech Republic (Masaryk University)

Libor Stepanek - Brno, Czech Republic (Masaryk University)

Libor Stepanek is Assistant Professor in English and Director of the Masaryk University Language Centre, Brno, Czech Republic. His broad international teaching experience and teacher training activities include EAP soft skills such as intercultural communication, critical thinking and videoconferencing, however, his main academic interest lies in creativity and Creative Approach to Language Teaching (CALT). He is also an editor, author and co-author of a number of materials, online courses and publications, as well as being a blogger.


Annual Conference


Annual Webinars


Different Countries


Member Institutions

About the INLCP

The International Network for Language Centers and Programs is an group of 16 language centers and programs from 12 different countries. It was officialy formed in 2016 by the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Francisco Morazán, and managed by the Languages Center that is a part of the UPNFM.